Frequently Asked Questions

Altissia : online language courses
  • €20 for a one-month subscription
  • Unlimited access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • 10 interface languages
  • Effective and adaptive language assessment
  • Access to all levels, from beginner to expert (A1 to C2)
  • More than 3000 hours of activities
  • Vocabulary for everyday and for professional use (e.g. commercial, IT, tourism, secretarial, hospitality) 'Daily News': New activities based on a video and press article every day
  • Correction of practice exercises (vocabulary, grammar, comprehension)
  • Voice recognition and pronunciation exercises
  • Thousands of examples of exclusive Euronews content
  • Use by the European Commission for the Erasmus+ project
  • Actual progress and proven results

The code does not appear on the screen or displays an error message
In order to find your code in “My History” click here. If you can't find the code in “My History”, contact to us
I have not received any mail with my code in it
It is possible that the mail has arrived in your spam box.
If this is not the case, you can always find your code by following the link from the previous question or by going to "My History".
You've still not received the code? Contact us via Our team will do its best to help you as soon as possible.
I tried to send the code to top up my cell phone, but it didn't work

You have to insert the top-up code in the dialer screen, don't try sending a text message. Don't forget to validate the code by pressing the dial-up button (mostly green telephone icon). Please check whether you’ve inserted all characters, also the # and *

ATTENTION : Please use the code you can find in the Becharge confirmation mail or on the screen and not the reference number of Ingenico Payment Services (previously Ogone) neither the order number of Ingenico Payment Services (previously Ogone)!

I have a problem with with my Ukash or paysafecard code

ATTENTION : Please use the code you can find in the Becharge confirmation mail or on the screen and not the reference number of Ingenico Payment Services (previously Ogone) neither the order number of Ingenico Payment Services (previously Ogone)!

If the code still isn't accepted, please contact Ukash or paysafecard using one of the following links:

Can I buy my product in all safety at Becharge?
For a secure online payment and security of your personal information, your transactions are supported by Ingenico Payment Services (previously Ogone), one of the leading European providers of payment services.
The e-commerce solution of the payment service provider ensures that your financial data are safely processed. This payment solution is specially designed for electronic commerce. The SSL secure connection is indicated by the "lock" in the bottom status bar of your browser.
My payment has been refused after introducing my bank account.

It’s possible that, according to your bank, you need to identify yourself. This identification has been installed by your bank in order to guarantee your safety.

There exist several systems of identification according to your bank:
- Code of activation sent by sms on your mobile by your bank
- Identification by digipass provided by your bank
- Identification by password provided by your bank

Please check as well that you have introduced the number of the CARD (this is the serie of 16 digits and generally preceded by the word CARD) and not the number of your BANK ACCOUNT.

If your card is not accepted, please turn to your bank to ask what could be the exact reason.

How can I top-up someone else's cell phone?
On the site you can reload for someone else. After the payment you will receive a top-up code, which is not linked to a phone number and which can be used therefore by another person (as a traditional card bought in a shop).
You can enter your own e-mail address, receive the code and send the code afterwards to the other person.
Another possibility is already entering the e-mail address of the other at the order. So he will receive the code himself and he can top-up instantly.
What is a DIGIPASS?

A digipass is a little machine which you can obtain at your bank and that allows your identification during payments on the Internet.

This machine insures the security of your personal information and your payments during the purchase.

What's "My History"?
« My History » allows you to check your 20 latest purchases.
To access « My History », please fill in the e-mail address you’ve used to purchase on our website and also your password.
The password to access « My History » is the one sent by e-mail by our team at your first purchase.
If you don’t remember the password anymore or you didn’t receive our e-mail containing the password, please click on « I forgot my password» and a new one will be sent.
Why isn't my card accepted?
It is possible that the website of your bank or the website of the payment service Ingenico Payment Services (previously Ogone) is offline. We ask you to try again later on or to contact us.
Do I need to create an account?
You do not need to have an account in order to buy on our website. An account is only created after your first purchase and is for informative use only (check your codes afterwards).
  • If you have experienced any other problem to purchase on our site, please contact us so we can help you as soon as possible. Mail to